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Tiara 08


New generation glass system Together with Tiara, you can turn your balcony into a useful room of your home.

This system It has been developed for many years without the need for technical service. You can watch the video to learn how to use it. Shopping malls, restaurants, cafes and offices for the areas you need when openedesnek As it offers solutions, it also makes it safe and visible when closed.

For all areas
flexible solutions!

With tiara the unique view enjoy.


Tiara Enjoy your new living space with. This system, which allows wing structure up to the maximum width, offers a unique panoramic view. Your child is safe thanks to the child lock integrated on the hinged panels of the system.

Glass Balcony

Open and Close
Very easy

You can easily open and close your glass balcony without the hassle of rope and chain. Konfor Kilit provides an aesthetic appearance with its handle design that is as safe as a window and hidden when closed. The thickness of the vertical profile required for the arm system is kept to a minimum and its insulation to a maximum. Watch our short video for more. It has standard lock chain and comfort lock is optional. Please indicate to our dealer that you want comfort lock.

Our privileges

Hidden Water Drainage System

The cosmetic and efficient water drainage system, provided by the hidden steam channel on the carrier frame profile, is also a Tiara feature. Thanks to the condensate channel, it prevents direct air intake from the outside environment as well as rapid discharge.

Unstoppable Movement

The tiara has a diameter of 38 mm, 4 at the bottom and 4 at the top, a total of 8 specially engineered plastic coated 100% stainless wheels. All wings move, open and close comfortably, with minimal friction and sound.

Non-Drop, Non-Sagging Glass Wings

A special locking mechanism has been developed for the Tiara Balcony System. With the system called "ABL Auto Brake Lock", when the sliding glass panels come to the parking lot, they automatically lock and open the wing without moving.


Extra Secure - Cam Pin

In the system, the combination of the wings with the glass is provided not only by chemicals, but also by pins mounted on the glass. In this way, the wings have a high carrying capacity.

Aesthetic Knob Lock

Albert Genau designed an optional knob lock mechanism. This mechanism provides a stylish look, minimal design and ease of use.

Aluminum Wicks

In order to increase the insulation in the system, in the combination of glass panels - whether straight or angled - aluminum wicks with self-insulating brushes show their difference with their elegance and long-lasting use.

Comfort and Safety

100% Easy to Clean

Since all the windows of the system can be opened one by one, they can be easily wiped both from inside and outside.

Child Safety Lock

A patented child safety lock can be integrated on the hinged panels of the system. As long as this lock is closed, your child is safe.

Wing Fixing Apparatus

The sash fixing apparatus is connected to the frame profile. It provides a safe collection of the wings and prevents uncontrolled movements.


Height Adjustment Profile

Since all the windows of the system can be opened one by one, they can be easily wiped both from inside and outside.

Angled Lamella

Designed with a lean and smart design, the new compact angled lamella provides a unique joint detail in curved application areas.

Compatibility for All Areas

Tiara can be used in all balcony types and hotel, restaurant and cafe areas. It is also compatible with winter gardens and awning systems.


Albert Genau provides a 2-year warranty on aluminum profiles, system operation and all accessories.

European Patent

The patent has been approved by the European Patent Office, valid in 38 European countries.

Pfb Certificate

Tiara Balcony Glazing System has been tested according to European Union norms and is in the high class category.


Albert Genau products are manufactured with 100% stainless material and are under a 10-year stainless steel guarantee.