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Optima 08

Glass Balcony Economy Status Optima from Albert Genau

“Status Cambalkon” is the brand of Albert Genau’s economic glass balcony systems. It is prepared for users who want to have Albert Genau design and warranty instead of standard glass balconies in the market, but who are looking for reasonable prices.

You too; If you want the glass balcony that I will build to be economical but not to compromise on quality, to be both branded and guaranteed, Status Optima is the right choice for you.

Glass Balcony

Open and Close
Very easy

You can easily open and close your glass balcony without the hassle of rope and chain. Konfor Kilit provides an aesthetic appearance with its handle design that is as safe as a window and hidden when closed. The thickness of the vertical profile required for the arm system is kept to a minimum and its insulation to a maximum. Watch our short video for more. It has standard lock chain and comfort lock is optional. Please indicate to our dealer that you want comfort lock.

14 REASONS for Optima

Hidden Water Drain

Optima aluminum profiles are produced with primary aluminum raw material, without any scrap additive raw material. The carrier profiles of the system have a water discharge channel. Thus, the water in the channel is taken from the inside to the bottom of the profile and discharged from there.

Frame Profile

The base width of the carrier profile is 42 mm and its height is 61 mm. The place where the glass wings are collected in the case profile is turned into a closed box thanks to plastic blades. Thus, the mouth of the carrier frame profile due to the weight is not opened.

36 mm Steel Wheel

All components of the bearings used in the bearing wheel sets of the system (outer ring, inner shell, ball) are produced using steel material. The system has a total of 8 carrier wheels, 4 on the bottom and 4 on the top. Each wheel with a diameter of 36 mm is covered with glass reinforced polyamide material for quiet and comfortable movement.

Wing Profile

Glass cheeks of the profile have a nailed texture and a height of 22 mm for each surface. There are drip tip tabs on the sash profile skirts so that the water can be thrown into and out of the drainage channel.

Invisible Drain Holes

In order to provide accurate and uninterrupted water discharge, the profile outer surface water discharge section is in a self-shaded form. The water drainage holes are drilled with a drill with a minimum of 5 mm tip from the original bed without any visual damage to the profile.

Angled Joint Lamella

In angle and arc balcony applications, an angle joint lamella suitable for every angle is used on the profile base in order to ensure that the joints of the frame profiles are smooth and healthy. This lamella is fixed with setscrew, no screws are used in terms of water insulation.

Drainer Profile

The water drainage channel on the carrier frame profile is used indoors on the floor, while it is used outside on the ceiling to provide a drip-proof feature that will not let the water inside.

Foldable Exit Arm

Exit arm of the system is foldable. Thus, the system allows applications such as curtains and roller blinds.

Moon Part Locking System

In order not to sag the panels during opening and closing, a locking system with crescent pieces has been used.

Sealing Washers

Special plastic sealing washers are used under the screws to prevent water leakage into the lower wall through the screw holes on the profile where the frame profile is fixed to the floor.

Whether Transparent or Aluminum

When the windows are side by side, the gap is closed with plastic transparent "H" gaskets as standard, optionally, aluminum wicks specially designed for these gaps can be used.

8 mm Tempered Glass

Glasses are 8 mm thick tempered glasses. The glasses used are supplied from Şişecam authorized manufacturer dealers.

2 Year System Warranty

The system is guaranteed for 2 (two) years from the date of installation against all kinds of production, material and assembly faults.


Wing profiles end caps combine effectively at all angles, isolation brushes reach up to the end of the cover.