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Tiara Twinmax

Double glazed balcony create a new living space with Tiara Twinmax!

The highest level glass balcony insulation has been reached in glass balcony system, Turkey’s most preferred Isıcam’l sliding folding balcony glazing system, Tiara Twinmax with glass balcony you can enjoy Albert Genau the quality and comfort of Four Seasons!

5 times more excess insulation more comfort

Glazing with Insulating Glass Tiara Twinmax can provide up to 5.1 times * more insulation than single glazing, depending on the Insulating glass feature used in the system. This is the highest thermal insulation achieved in a glass balcony. Your balcony is cooler in summers and warmer in winters.

Espagnolette lock stylish design with extra security

The Espagnolette lock, designed for the first time by Albert Genau, is much more useful than standard chain locks with its stylish design and easy use. The built-in handled espagnolette lock, which is optional on the glass balcony, provides more security on the glass balcony.

Europe Tested Certified glass balcony system

Tiara Twinmax Double Glazed balcony provides the highest air, water, wind and sound insulation in its class. The rainy and cold days are gone.

Stainless with wheel lifetime use

Glass balcony systems must be resistant to all elements of the external climate. Watch a standard glass balcony wheel that has been subjected to 1440 hours of salt testing and the stainless steel guaranteed Tiara glass balcony wheel. The choice is yours for a lifetime of flawless use!

no corner!
whether to balcony glass,

whether from floor to ceiling.

Create your space without the need for corner profiles with Tiara Twinmax Double Glazed Balcony!
Whether on the balcony, as a partition or
Apply under the pergola! You are free now!

at every angle
to each balcony

complete harmony.

Let your glass balcony system take the shape of your balcony! With vertical profiles specially designed for angled balconies, you can apply them to your different shaped balconies. The wings of the glass balcony system with insulating glass slide easily and can be opened completely without a pole.

Technicial Specifications

Hidden Water Drainage System

The cosmetic and efficient water drainage system, provided by the hidden steam channel on the carrier frame profile, is also a Tiara feature. Thanks to the condensate channel, it prevents direct air intake from the outside environment as well as rapid discharge.

Unstoppable Movement

On the Tiara Twinmax, 38 mm diameter, 100% stainless wheels with 4 special engineering plastics coated on the panel are used. All the wings of the glass balcony move, open and close comfortably with the least friction and sound.

Non-Drop, Non-Sagging Glass Wings

A special locking mechanism has been developed for the Tiara Twinmax glass balcony system. With the system called "ABL Auto Brake Lock", when the sliding glass panels come to the parking lot, they automatically lock and open the wing without moving.

Child Safety Lock

AG patented child safety lock can be integrated on the hinged panels of the glass balcony system. As long as this lock is closed, your child is safe.

Height Adjustment Profile

Compatible with all Tiara Glass balcony systems, this profile offers easy, fast and precise solutions when balance adjustment is required.

28 mm Glass

Designed with a lean and smart design, the new compact angled lamella provides a unique joint detail in curved application areas.