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Lotus Riding

Winsa Special Axial System with Minimal Design Lines

Lotus Axial Sliding Window and Door System has a modern, aesthetic and simple design. With its low frame-wing profile height, it offers a wider view, brighter and more spacious living spaces.


Turkey Winsa a specially designed single and Lotus Axial Sliding System 122 mm wide, two-axis, 113 mm in width uniaxial and has self cornice and safe option. It provides optimum insulation value in sliding systems. It provides heat and sound insulation with the use of double or triple glass up to 28 mm.


LOTUS Sliding System has been designed with a different perspective from the known sliding systems, with the international experience of Winsa’s expert staff. Since the wings are embedded in the casing, the protrusion of the wings cannot be seen. LOTUS Sliding System, which has a stylish design with aesthetic lines, has more glass area with its low frame and wing profile height. Thanks to this feature, it provides a wider view to all spaces, a brighter and more spacious interior environment.


Ease of use equipment designed in harmony with the Lotus Axial Sliding System is used. Winsa equipment provides an aesthetic appearance by fully matching the colors of the Lotus System.

Technical information

Frame Profile Width:

122 mm

Wing Profile Width:

45 mm

Number of Safe Chambers:



B Class - TS 5358 - EN 12608


TPE Gray / Black


Single quote - PCE gasketed

Glass Thickness:

4, 5, 20, 24, 28 mm