Ruba Yapı A.Ş.


BELLUS Aluminum Sliding Systems is a sliding system for standard openings. With the name “beautiful looking” sliding carriage, sliding represents aesthetic applicability. All features required for Standard Sliding Systems await you at BELLUS.


  • 75 mm wing height, 32 mm wing width, 40 mm middle seam width, 45 mm case height, possibility of applying 20-22 mm glass thickness and maximum sash carrying capacity of 120 kg,
  • Perfect harmony with modern architectures with its decorative and aesthetic appearance thanks to its minimal profile thickness,
  • Innovative design that comes with perfect accessories that make you feel the ease of Sliding Systems,
  • Production diversity developed for easy production and assembly,
  • Safe usage possibility with multi-point locking mechanism specially designed for the system,
  • Modern and aesthetic color options with special static colors, wonderful anodized surfaces and wooden patterns thanks to “IQ COLORS and IQ EFFECTS” colors.

Technicial Specifications

Wing Height: 75 mm

Case Height: 45 mm

Middle Wing Width: 40 mm

Glass Thickness: 20-22 mm

Wing Width: 32 mm