Ruba Yapı A.Ş.


ACTUS Aluminum Opening Door and Window System is a non-heat insulated window and door system where all opening variations can be solved with various profile options. With its name meaning “movement”, it represents bringing movement to the places where it is applied. All the features sought for hinged opening systems await you in ACTUS.


  • 55 mm basic system depth, 2 mm profile wall thickness, 4-40 mm glass thickness can be applied,
  • Compatibility with all accessory types with Euro section 1 channel detail,
  • Maximum benefit thanks to gaskets, laths, adapters, corner wedge profiles and accessories used in common with other series,
  • Hidden sash, Pivot window and door application possibility,
  • Modern and aesthetic color options with special static colors, wonderful anodized surfaces and wooden patterns thanks to the colors of “IQ COLORS and IQ EFFECTS”

Technicial Specifications

Basic System Depth: 55 mm

Profile Wall Thickness: 2 mm

Glass Thickness: 4-40 mm