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INGENTIS Aluminum Sliding System is a Lift & Slide system designed for wide openings. With its name meaning “Giant Big”, it represents the wide and high possibility of sliding systems. The high performance values required for Lift & Slide systems await you in INGENTIS.


  • 98.4 mm wing height, 64.2 mm wing width, 42.7 mm case height, 24 mm thermal insulation bridge, possibility of applying 18-44 mm glass thickness and maximum 300 kg wing carrying capacity,
  • High water discharge performance thanks to the improved water drainage system,
  • Excellent air tight performance thanks to the multi-point gasket and brush presses,
  • Multi-point locking system security with the ease of use that comes with its practical accessory structure,
  • Possibility to be applied in wider and higher openings,
  • Modern and aesthetic color options with special static colors, wonderful anodized surfaces and wooden patterns thanks to “IQ COLORS and IQ EFFECTS” colors.

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Technicial Specifications

Thermal Insulation Bridge: 24 mm

Wing Height: 98.4 mm

Case Height: 42.7 mm

Glass Thickness: 18-44 mm

Wing Width: 64.2 mm